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The Comedy Store – April

I’m at The Comedy Store, Sydney from April 4th – April 6th with an absolutely cracking line up of International and Australian comedians.

There are two shows on Friday and Saturday. You can get all of the information and their killer year-round schedule from their website.

If you’ve just seen me over the weekend and would like to watch me over an hour you can check out my Sydney Comedy Festival show.

The Comedy Store

Sydney Comedy Festival 2019

My Sydney Comedy Festival 2019 show is on sale.

Indeed: A collection of all of my favourite jokes I’ve told over the years as a comedian. Excluding jokes from 2018 and 2017 and including a bunch of new stuff that I’ve been playing around with since last years festivals.

Dates: May 1st – May 5th
Venue: Factory Theatre

You can get all of the relevant information here.

For anyone in the ACT or Perth, I’m bringing a different show to Canberra Comedy Festival on March 19th, and Perth Comedy Festival in May.

I’m still getting the artwork finalised for the Sydney Comedy Festival 2019 show but in the meantime I’ve made the handy little pie chart below to show how the five nights are going to play out.

See you there.

Sydney Comedy Festival 2019

And I got blocked by Austen Tayshus too. His FB page is still wide open so I just sent him this. His APPRECIATE IT was an auto reply. Narcissist thought I was sending a compliment.

People credit Vanilla Ice as being the first mainstream white rapper. Before Ice Ice Baby there was a single syllable end rhyme attempt by none other than the self proclaimed biggest name in Australian comedy, Austen Tayshus.

The Phantom Shuffle: https://t.co/U7HfjqQlmL

Nearly every comic in Aus has a story about how much of a c*nt you are. I have 3. & you completely punked out when I stood tall and called you out. Me, a skinny 24yr old open micer, & you, a burnt out/puffed up Charlie nobody.

Have you seen The Wrestler? That’s your career. https://t.co/bm7W9P7qir

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Crash and Burn

The second hour I recorded is coming soon in the New Year. 

The Daniel Townes Podcast

There's over 100 episodes of this available for your ears and minds.


This is the first hour I filmed back in 2011, live at the Comedy Store in Sydney.

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