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Welcome to the official website of Australian Comedian Daniel Townes. Townes started performing stand-up comedy in Sydney in 2003 and has been a full-time stand-up comedian since 2005, he has performed all over Australia and the world and has been lucky enough to work with some of the best international and Australian stand-up comedians that the comedy world has to offer. If you’re after more information about Daniel Townes comedy career highlights you can grab his bio here

On this site you will find all of the latest info regarding his upcoming international and Australian comedy shows, podcast episodes, short clips of his stand up comedy etc, it’s all here.

He’s also got two full-length comedy specials. One is available right here and the other is coming very very soon

For anyone interested in booking this Australian Comedian for a special event or anything along those lines you can reach him on the contact page here, all messages go directly to his inbox.

You can also check out his social media here:

Facebook: Daniel Townes Comedy
Instagram: @daniel_townes
Twitter: @danieltownes

Otherwise, if you like Australian stand up comedians or just stand up comedy content in general, this is a place to get some of it.

Australian Stand Up Comedian Daniel Townes

Latest News

Crash and Burn Clips

Here’s a few short clips from Daniel Townes – Crash & Burn, my latest full-length stand up comedy recording. All of the clips have burnt in captions too if that’s your thing.

I’ll add more clips to this post once I cut up some more short ones.

(Google SEO time) – that’s more short videos, footage, and Crash and Burn clips from Daniel Townes, the second full-length stand up comedy recording which was filmed live at the The Comedy Store in Sydney.

Just quickly, this SEO thing is fucking ridiculous. I want these posts short, and I have to hit a certain character limit just for them to get ranked.

Anyway, that’s enough apparently, so if you like the short clips I’m posting you can also watch all of Crash and Burn here. Or if you like supporting the arts you can buy it in full HD here.

There’s also a combo available which includes my first recording, Previously.

If you’d rather watch this footage square, with a heading, and on your phone I’ve also been sharing them over on my Instagram and my Facebook page.

Anyway, back to the point and the short Crash and Burn clips, the first one is about kissing a smoker:

The next one is about stretcher earrings:

Canberra Comedy Festival 2020

I’m coming back to Canberra Comedy Festival for 2020. I’m doing one show on March 19th at 7pm. For google’s sake, that’s Daniel Townes Canberra Comedy Festival shows 2020. CCF Daniel Townes 2020.

The show is brand new and it’s called Little Ray of Sunshine. I’m very happy with how it has come along. I’ll also be doing the show at Perth Comedy Festival in April and Sydney Comedy Festival in May.

You can get more information and links to official ticketing sites for Canberra Comedy Festival here.

That is the end of the important information regarding the show, what follows is to hit the character count required for this web pages to register properly. SEO i’s a long and boring subject, and seeing as this is meant to be about Daniel Townes Canberra Comedy shows I’ll wrap it up soon. I think I’ve got about 50 or words left. Comedy.

I know I wouldn’t make much of a salesperson. Most people would use their 300 words to really sell their product but me, nah, I give the info as concise as possible so you can make up your mind quickly. Then I fill up the remaining space with dribble. Blame Google and SEO for that. (Daniel Townes CCF 2020)

Anyway, Daniel Townes Canberra Comedy Festival 2020 show is on in March and there is more info here.

Canberra Comedy Festival 2020 Daniel Townes

Perth Comedy Festival 2020

Perth Comedy Festival is back for 2020. My shows are on April 24th and 25th at 9pm. But first, to keep google SEO happy – Perth Comedy Festival Daniel Townes shows.

Again this is a brand new show. I’ve worked my ass off on it for quite a while so I’m looking forward to bringing it over to WA. I’ll also be doing the show at Sydney Comedy Festival in May, and Canberra Comedy Festival in March.

Tickets aren’t onsale yet but you can browse the festival website here. I’ll post the ticketing link once it is live.

You can feel free to stop reading here. The next 167 words or so are purely to keep the SEO gods happy. What an absolute pain in the ass it is. I really wanted to keep all of the posts on this site short, sweet, and informative, but because of the way SEO works I have to make sure posts are a certain length, just so they’ll register when people search for Perth Comedy Festival 2020 or something similar. I really wish I didn’t know this stuff.

Anyway, that’s about enough of banging on about Daniel Townes upcoming Perth Comedy Festival shows, so for more information click here.

Perth Comedy Festival 2020 Daniel Townes

To the people waiting at bus stops who wave for the driver to stop, the driver knows to stop there, that’s why they’re called bus stops.

Compared to all other entertainment stand up comedy is fairly static, visually boring medium. For some reason stand up comedy specials are filmed with a million cameras like movie action sequences.

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Crash and Burn

The second hour I recorded is available now

The Daniel Townes Podcast

There's over 100 episodes of this available for your ears and minds.


This is the first hour I filmed back in 2011, live at the Comedy Store in Sydney.

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