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Welcome to the official website of Australian Comedian Daniel Townes. Townes started performing stand-up comedy in Sydney in 2003 and has been a full-time stand-up comedian since 2005, he has performed all over Australia and the world and has been lucky enough to work with some of the best international and Australian stand-up comedians that the comedy world has to offer. If you’re after more information about Daniel Townes comedy career highlights you can grab his bio here

On this site you will find all of the latest info regarding his upcoming international and Australian comedy shows, podcast episodes, short clips of his stand up comedy etc, it’s all here.

He’s also got two full-length comedy specials. One is available right here and the other is coming very very soon

For anyone interested in booking this Australian Comedian for a special event or anything along those lines you can reach him on the contact page here, all messages go directly to his inbox.

You can also check out his social media here:

Facebook: Daniel Townes Comedy
Instagram: @daniel_townes
Twitter: @danieltownes

Otherwise, if you like Australian stand up comedians or just stand up comedy content in general, this is a place to get some of it.

Australian Stand Up Comedian Daniel Townes

Latest News

Crash and Burn Release

Daniel Townes second comedy special – Crash & Burn is finally here. This is my second full-length comedy special recording and the extended version of my ABC Comedy Next Gen Episode from February 2018. There’s an extra 15 minutes of jokes that we had to cut so it was the right length for the broadcast. If you didn’t see it on TV then this is your chance to get around it properly and in it’s entirety. 

*Party poppers and fireworks explode.

This version was completely re-edited, coloured, and subtitled by me. I also took the photo for the artwork and designed it myself. I used this image because I got sick of looking at pictures of myself.

When I say it was coloured by me I wanted to play around and see what I could do because I didn’t love how orange the broadcast was. See below.

Daniel Townes Comedy Special

The image below is what I did.

Daniel Townes Second Comedy Special

I had to take a crash course in colour grading to figure this out. It’s also the reason it took me longer to get this out than I wanted. That and the effing subtitles.

Anyway, the live show was filmed at The Comedy Store in Sydney in October 2017.

It is available in full on my YouTube channel for free, and it is also for sale at the highest possible quality here.

The YouTube version is compressed as fuck coz that’s what they do, the version for sale is the highest quality that I could create and it’s yours forever.

As a special launch day deal, for the next 24 hours you can get Daniel Townes – Crash & Burn for the measly price of $5.00. Or you can get both of my full length recordings Previously and Crash & Burn as a combo for $8.00. After that you can still get them both for a total of $8.00.

There’s also audio only versions of both if that’s your thing.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide how you consume it.

Get Daniel Townes second comedy special Crash & Burn on YouTube here. The online shop version is here.

And you can check out my first full length show here.

Daniel Townes Crash and Burn

Jokers Comedy Club Hobart

I’m doing a show at Jokers Comedy Club in Hobart on September 18th. This is a one night only thing.

I’ll be doing a different show to the last time I was at the club so if you saw me last time it will be completely different. It’s a great room for comedy and if it’s anything like last time it will be an awesome night.

For more information and tickets for the Hobart comedy shows you can check out the Jokers Comedy Club website here.

In a perfect world the above sentence would have been the end of this post. Simple and to the point about the show I’ve got coming up in Hobart. Unfortunately, because of *oogle’s strangehold of the internet individual posts need to be around 300 words before they’ll show up in search results. I still need another 145 or so.

Later this month I’ve got some shows in Port Macquarie and Newcastle. I’ve also got some more shows in Brisbane coming up in October. I’ll post more on all of these once I have finalised all of the details.

In conclusion, you can get tickets for the Hobart comedy shows at the Jokers Comedy Club website here.

You can also check out some of the past shows I’ve done here.

Take that *oogle.

Jokers Comedy Club Hobart

Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Tour

Over the next few months I’m doing some regional shows as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase tour. It’s a traveling Comedy Roadshow that gets to as many regional venues as possible. It’s a fantastic night of comedy in loads of awesome regional venues across Australia.

These are line-up shows and generally have 5 or 6 excellent comedians on the bill. All up it’s about 2 hours of top quality stand-up comedy that you don’t have to travel very far for.

First stop for my leg of the tour is The Blue Mountains on the 15th of August . You can get more information on that here.

Next stop is Nowra on the 17th. You can get more information here.

There’s a bunch more coming later in the year and I’ll post them as soon as the details are online. You can see all of the currently on sale Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Tour dates and sign up to their mailing list for future announcements here.

If you’re looking for my gigs closer to Sydney, I’m doing Sydney Fringe at the beginning of September with Luke Heggie and Alex Jae. You can get more info on that here.

See you on the road.

Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Tour


Crash and Burn

The second hour I recorded is available now

The Daniel Townes Podcast

There's over 100 episodes of this available for your ears and minds.


This is the first hour I filmed back in 2011, live at the Comedy Store in Sydney.

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Stay in the know

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