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Info regarding upcoming live comedy shows around my hometown of Sydney, the rest of Australia, and internationally are posted here. I generally don’t post the information for all of the local Sydney stand up comedy shows I’m doing, those tend to be on social media. This is mainly for the Comedy Festivals and special one off events like recordings. If you’re interested in seeing some Daniel Townes live shows that aren’t set in a festival environment you can follow the links in the menu to my social media.

Below is a non existent example that I grabbed from an old Insta post. I am 100% bringing my show from 2018 to Canberra Comedy Festival and Perth International Comedy Festival. I’ve got something else planned for Sydney Comedy Festival

You can also check out some videos here and some podcasts here

Daniel Townes Live Shows


2019’s greatest hits show from Sydney Comedy Festival.

Sydney Comedy


The World is Amazing

2019’s show from Perth International Comedy Festival and Canberra Comedy Festival.

Live Comedy Shows Sydney



And coming up are a bunch of posters from some of the past live comedy shows I’ve done over the years. First up, our annual new material show for Sydney Fringe Comedy (2018). Fringe is easily my favourite part of the year on the Australian comedy calendar because it’s all experimental and new material which can potentially bomb. More information about this is available here and here

Sydney Comedy Daniel Townes

The World is Amazing…

2018’s show for Sydney Comedy Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Melbourne Comedy Daniel Townes

ABC Next Gen

The artwork from the 2017 live show which was recorded for ABC Comedy at The Sydney Comedy Store, I’m not sure why i’ve changed the name for the coming soon extended release but whatever, there’s more information about the release date here.

Sydney Comedy Store Daniel Townes

Fine By Me

2017’s new material triple hander for Sydney Fringe Comedy. As I mentioned above these are some of my the most fun gigs of the year and it is my favourite time to perform stand up comedy in Sydney. I think it’s the fear and adrenaline knowing that it could all fall apart at any minute.

Stand Up Comedy Sydney Daniel Townes

Watch Your Mouth

2017’s solo show for Sydney Comedy Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Melbourne Comedy

Future Classics

Another triple hander for Sydney Fringe Comedy (2016).

Sydney Comedy

Crash and Burn

That time I attempted to do an hour of brand new material for Sydney Fringe Comedy (2014), and a show name I have always loved and am using again here. 

Stand Up Comedy Sydney Daniel Townes

The Other Side

Another solo show for SCF and Perth Comedy Festival and MICF (2014).

Daniel Townes Live Shows

This Could Go Either Way

That first time a Daniel Townes live show was made up of a whole hour of new jokes. This was for Sydney Fringe Comedy back in 2011 and when my love affair with that festival began..

Daniel Townes International Gigs

Previously DVD

Remember DVD? When times we’re more difficult. This was/is the backcover for the original release of mine. Thankfully you can grab the whole thing digitally here.

There’s some information regarding the release of my second recording here.

Previously DVD

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Solo show for Adelaide Fringe and SCF and MICF (2008).


Crash and Burn

The second hour I recorded is available now

The Daniel Townes Podcast

There's over 100 episodes of this available for your ears and minds.


This is the first hour I filmed back in 2011, live at the Comedy Store in Sydney.

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