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The latest news regarding stand-up comedian Daniel Townes. Including information about new shows, one-off events, new podcast episodes, clips, footage, pics, and whatever other content I can churn out.

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March Comedy show at Buddy’s

It’s time to spread the word about our March comedy show at Buddy’s.

We’ve had a huge year so far with sold out shows in Jan and Feb, the trend will easily continue with this stellar line-up of comedians.

More info and tickets are available here and there is a complimentary drink with every ticket purchased.

If you’re looking for something to do on a Thursday night i’m involved in running this as well, this one is weekly, Buddy’s Comedy is Monthly.

Line-up for the March comedy show at Buddy's in Newtown

Mic in Stand

Mic in Stand is bringing live stand-up comedy back to the Friend in Hand hotel in Glebe on Thursday nights for another weekly comedy room. Sydney’s premier independent comedy night is back at it’s old home. All shows feature a professional MC and headliner, all supported by a heavily curated diverse range of the best comedy talent available.

Every Thursday night. Upstairs at the Friend. Doors open at 7:30pm and we kick off at 8:00pm sharp. 52 Cowper Street Glebe

If you want to check out another gig i’m involved in running (it’s monthly and I host monthly) check out Buddys Comedy 2024. There will be a new post shortly and 2024 is shaping up to be a banger.

Poster for first show

Buddys Comedy 2024

From Jan onwards Buddys Comedy 2024 show’s will be moving to the 2nd Wednesday of the month. 7:30pm – 9:15pm, 391 King Street Newtown, Upstairs at Buddys Bar.

Now that the show is monthly the format has changed a little. I will still be the regular host, and the first half of the show will still be packed full of professional comics and fantastic newcomers doing some of their best stuff and trying out some new gear. The 2nd half of the show will now feature only a Headliner, doing an extended set.

As there are only 12 shows for the year we are aiming for bigger events and booking the comedians accordingly. Febs date falls on Valentines day and love it or hate it we will have every perspective on it covered. Perfect for singles and couples.

March is at the end of Mardi Gras so we are having an end of Mardi Gras Comedy Spectacular, featuring some of the best LGBTQIA+ comedians on the scene.

And seeing as January is our first official show back under the new format, we are going in hard to make sure we kick things off with a bang.The first half of the show is jammed with some of the best headlining comedians in their own right, and the actual headliner for the show is Peter Berner. Not only has he had a successful media career that launched from his stand-up, he has always been regarded as a comedian’s comedian and the one that all of the comedians go to watch. He makes it look effortless, and his experience, ability and comedy instincts make him the perfect act to kick off our new format.

Information and tickets are available for this show, and the two mentioned above by clicking the image below, or here. Free beer or wine with every ticket purchased.

Hopefully at some point we’ll catch you at a Buddys Comedy 2024.

Buddys Comedy 2024 January Artwork

Buddys Comedy

Buddy’s Comedy is a new weekly comedy room I’ve started with fellow comedian Chris Nguyen. It’s 7:30pm every Wednesday night at Buddy’s Bar in Newtown. Each week will have a different line-up of Australia’s top comedian’s, best up-and-comers, interstate, and international guests all performing brand new material.

There isn’t a room like this anywhere in Sydney. Our goal is to make an excellent and experimental place for the best comics to try their brand new jokes.

Welcome to Sydney’s brand new playground at Buddy’s Comedy.

More information about each show and ticketing can be found here.

Oh and for more information on my podcast please check here. They are Patreon exclusives now.

Buddy's Comedy

Daniel Townes Patreon

I’ve set up a Patreon for the Daniel Townes Podcast and my comedy.

If you don’t know what Patreon is, it is a personal support line for my stand-up comedy, The Daniel Townes Podcast, live show recordings, and other special events. I’m aiming for this to become the one-stop place for everything new and exciting that I’m working on and other things I’d like to do.

By supporting me, you will receive two monthly exclusive episodes of the show in audio and video formats. You will also receive the highest quality copies of my two full-length stand-up comedy specials: “Previously” and “Crash & Burn”.

You can check it out here

You will be directly contributing to the production costs of the podcast and all other content that I plan to make for the page to help it grow. Because of this, I (will be) work(ing) for you, the people who like my comedy and are happy to support me while I create it.

Everything that comes from your support will be put back into my stand-up comedy and content creation, which will lead to even more cool stuff for the page as it grows.

I appreciate your support.

Let’s go.

Daniel Townes Podcast Patreon

New Episodes – The Daniel Townes Podcast

I’ve been recording new episodes of The Daniel Townes Podcast. They are available now at the link below, which is Patreon. I am doing it exclusively on there now.

If you’ve listened to the pod before you know what it is about, if you haven’t I catch up with my peers and it is a very casual/conversational show. It goes wherever the conversation takes us, resulting in an intimate, often ridiculous, and sometimes dark show covering a wide variety of topics ranging from serious things like drug addiction and alcoholism to fun topics like favourite types of junk food and egging

My other podcast Stream Roulette has finished, but all of the episodes are available over on my Patreon.

Daniel Townes Podcast

Sydney Comedy Festival 2022

Sydney Comedy Festival 2022 is nearly upon us and I, Daniel Townes am back with a brand new show.

It’s about some of the bigger things things that have happened during my life through the pandemic, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic, that was just in the background while all of this other stuff was going on.

My show is on in May at the Factory Theatre, you can check all of the important ticket information here.

I’ve been working my butt off on this one so I’ve given it the name Grinding, as per most of my live show names it doesn’t mean too much, I just like the word.

Anyways, I hope to see you there.

If you can’t make it down down to Sydney Comedy Festival 2022 but are still keen to check out what I’ve been up to you can have a listen to my new podcast Stream Roulette here.

(And honestly this sentence is just here coz the SEO plugin is telling me there isn’t enough words on this post, so this is just to drag it out and have enough content. If it was up to me the length of a post wouldn’t affect SEO and I would be able to keep these shorter and not sound like I’m crowbarring keywords into the copy.)

Have a great day!

Daniel Townes Sydney Comedy Festival 2022

Stream Roulette

Stream Roulette was a weekly podcast I was doing with Steph Broadbridge. Unfortunately due to scheduling and the amount of work involved with watching so many bloody TV shows we had to call it quits after a year.

You can still find all of the episodes over on my Patreon. As well as brand new episodes of The Daniel Townes Podcast.

Basically the idea was we’d let Netflix/Stan/Binge etc choose the show by pressing “play something” and then we report back on how we went with them, and try and stay on topic. The only rule is it can’t be a show that we have seen, or something that we actually want to watch. So far we are having a lot of fun. The initial episode covers Young Sheldon, Emily in Paris, and Swat. We will release a second episode this week, and then weekly on Tuesdays starting from 01.03.2

If you’re keen to check out any other podcasts I’ve done you can check them out here.

Also please stay tuned for some more developments on The Daniel Townes Podcast (it is getting resurrected).

Vale Stream Roulette.


Laugh Outta Lockdown

Laugh Outta Lockdown shows are coming to Sydney and are bringing comedy back to the Factory Theatre (and other venues). I’m doing a split bill show with Alex Jae and Luke Heggie. We’ll be onstage 20 mins each and doing a bunch of new material.

It’s the same image as our Sydney Fringe Comedy show from years ago, we haven’t been able to get together for a new one.

You can get tickets here.

The show name came from our discussion of what we should call the show, one of us said “it doesn’t matter.” So we went with that.

Here’s the blurb, if this sounds up your alley then come along to Laugh Outta Lockdown Comedy at the Factory Theatre.

“What a year it’s been. Who cares? Honestly. Shut up and get on with it. Three of Sydney’s finest, Alex Jae, Daniel Townes, and Luke Heggie are re-uniting for a jam-packed hour of new material. There’ll be only one of them on stage at a time. There will be no “yes and” folly. Don’t panic.

If you want to hear some personal shortcomings being broadcast for all and sundry, some rank and file silliness, and some jokes being made at the expense of those less fortunate, then this will be over half way up your alley. If you wish to rate the performers at volume on your way out because you’ve watched too much reality television and you think it’s necessary to put people in their place, even though you’ve just watched an hour of champagne comedy with a spumante price tag, then beatings will be administered out the back of the shed where the performance takes place.

There’s something for everyone, unless you’re a simpleton or a child. Do it.”

Laugh Outta Lockdown

Sydney Comedy Festival 2021

My Sydney Comedy Festival 2021 Daniel Townes Little Ray of Sunshine is on in May, 13th, 15th and 17th at the Factory Theatre. More details are on the image below and you can grab tickets by clicking the image or here.

I was meant to do this show last year but it got cancelled due to corona. It has been a wild year. This show will feature some of my favourite material from over the years. And a whole bunch of new stuff I’ve been working on for the last 12 months.

The festival itself kicks off shortly. You can check out all of the shows at the Sydney Comedy Festival 2021 website.

Or grab your tickets to see Daniel Townes at Sydney Comedy Festival 2021 here.

I’ll see you around the Factory theatre. Or in the dog park. Or at the supermarket. Not that I’ve been anywhere near a shopping centre in the last 12 months. That shopping centre one is a bit of a stretch. A dog park on the other hand is highly likely.

Anyways, it’s been a ride and all of my gigs since live entertainment has come back have been great fun. I never thought I’d miss something so much.

I hope you and yours have stayed healthy the last 12 months.

Daniel Townes Sydney Comedy Festival 2021

The Andy Social Podcast

I was also a guest on the Andy Social Podcast with Andy Dowling, who you may know as the guitarist from Lord.

This was a lot of fun, I honestly didn’t even realise we had started recording.

Listen to the Andy Social Podcast here.

You can also check out an episode of my own podcast with Jo Cooper here

Eh, COVID. What can you say huh? Everything’s going digital. But stand up has slowly started coming back and I couldn’t be more excited. The gigs so far have been A1 and I am looking forward to getting back into the full swing of things.

In the meantime I’ve got a few other interesting things I’m working on for the new year, including a new show for some of the Comedy Festivals, and lots more digital stuff. Including this Twitch channel.

As for more podcasts you can expect them to keep coming. I’ll be continuing my own now for special occasions and I have a few other ideas in the pipeline for 2021 already. Otherwise catch me on the Andy Social Podcast

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a great break and didn’t over do it with anything. Or if you did it was within reason.

The Andy Social Podcast

Jo Cooper – The Daniel Townes Podcast

Jo Cooper was recently a guest on The Daniel Townes Podcast to discuss her recent five year legal battle regarding her pooch and best friend Angus. And for challenging NSW strata laws regarding pets and ending all the way at the Supreme Court.

It was a very passionate episode. Outside of her legal battles we also covered racism, sexism, classism, and the abuse that she received for going about something the right way, and having to spend 5 years of her life pursuing the right result.

Re pets and Strata you can have your say here. It’s super easy. Do it for Jo Cooper and Angus, and every other pet owner in NSW.

If you’d like more info on Jo and her story well you can pretty much google Jo Cooper Angus and you’ll find what it’s about. Otherwise here’s some links.

The Guardian

I’ll also put this on the podcasts page so it doesn’t get lost in the wind. The Jo Cooper Episode of the Daniel Townes podcast is number 108.

As mentioned previously it was this episode of The Mugg Off Podcast that led to this happening so thanks again fellas.

Please enjoy this extremely passionate episode / conversation between Jo and I.

And have a great new year.

Jo Cooper Daniel Townes Podcast

The Mugg Off Podcast

Woo hoo, Daniel Townes was recently a guest on the excellent The Mugg Off Podcast. It’s hosted by 3 Aussie comedy legends.

There’s been a long running joke with me and the fellas because I was always going to get them on my podcast and then it went on hiatus. Now I finally got to be on theres. Next time they will be on mine.

This Mugg Off Podcast episode was a lot of fun to record. Them letting me vent like this for an hour about some consumer battles I’ve had over the years led to the next guest on my own podcast. It wouldn’t have happened without this episode. Or I doubt it would have. I sent this episode as a short bio showcasing my expertise in a particular area and thankfully the response was positive.

You can listen to my episode of The Mugg Off Podcast: here.

Thanks to the fellas for letting Daniel Townes vent on your Mugg Off Podcast. I tried to bring some of my best.

I’ll also chuck it up on podcasts page so it doesn’t disappear from the latest news forever.

As mentioned I’ve got another episode of my own coming shortly, and another one I recorded during COVID with Andy Dowling. I won’t lie, outside of jotting down ideas and writing I haven’t really done much since live gigs stopped and I’ve kinda enjoyed recharging my batteries.

The Mugg Off Podcast

2020 Festival Shows Cancelled

My 2020 Comedy Festival shows have been cancelled due to Corona. That’s Sydney, Canberra, and Perth. Community health is way more important than comedy.

All ticket holders will be contacted about refunds. I’ll do the show at a later date when things are back to normal.

In the meantime if you’re looking for some comedy you can watch both of the full length shows I’ve recorded over at YouTube

They’re also both for sale at a much higher quality here.

For the people who aren’t coping with isolation here’s a few tips to help your sanity. Pick the path that suits you:

Eat healthy
Stimulate your brain – puzzles, strategy games, reading
Get a dog


Turn your brain off – weed, booze, benzos, a shotgun to the face.

Obviously don’t blow your face off with a shotgun. Stay safe and healthy and I’ll see you on the other side of this madness.

2020 Festival Shows Cancelled


Crash and Burn Clips

Here’s a few short clips from Daniel Townes – Crash & Burn, my latest full-length stand up comedy recording. All of the clips have burnt in captions too if that’s your thing.

I’ll add more clips to this post once I cut up some more short ones.

(Google SEO time) – that’s more short videos, footage, and Crash and Burn clips from Daniel Townes, the second full-length stand up comedy recording which was filmed live at the The Comedy Store in Sydney.

Just quickly, this SEO thing is fucking ridiculous. I want these posts short, and I have to hit a certain character limit just for them to get ranked.

Anyway, that’s enough apparently, so if you like the short clips I’m posting you can also watch all of Crash and Burn here. Or if you like supporting the arts you can buy it in full HD here.

There’s also a combo available which includes my first recording, Previously.

If you’d rather watch this footage square, with a heading, and on your phone I’ve also been sharing them over on my Instagram and my Facebook page.

Anyway, back to the point and the short Crash and Burn clips, the first one is about kissing a smoker:

The next one is about stretcher earrings:

Canberra Comedy Festival 2020

I’m coming back to Canberra Comedy Festival for 2020. I’m doing one show on March 19th at 7pm. For google’s sake, that’s Daniel Townes Canberra Comedy Festival shows 2020. CCF Daniel Townes 2020.

The show is brand new and it’s called Little Ray of Sunshine. I’m very happy with how it has come along. I’ll also be doing the show at Perth Comedy Festival in April and Sydney Comedy Festival in May.

You can get more information and links to official ticketing sites for Canberra Comedy Festival here.

That is the end of the important information regarding the show, what follows is to hit the character count required for this web pages to register properly. SEO i’s a long and boring subject, and seeing as this is meant to be about Daniel Townes Canberra Comedy shows I’ll wrap it up soon. I think I’ve got about 50 or words left. Comedy.

I know I wouldn’t make much of a salesperson. Most people would use their 300 words to really sell their product but me, nah, I give the info as concise as possible so you can make up your mind quickly. Then I fill up the remaining space with dribble. Blame Google and SEO for that. (Daniel Townes CCF 2020)

Anyway, Daniel Townes Canberra Comedy Festival 2020 show is on in March and there is more info here.

Canberra Comedy Festival 2020 Daniel Townes

Perth Comedy Festival 2020

Perth Comedy Festival is back for 2020. My shows are on April 24th and 25th at 9pm. But first, to keep google SEO happy – Perth Comedy Festival Daniel Townes shows.

Again this is a brand new show. I’ve worked my ass off on it for quite a while so I’m looking forward to bringing it over to WA. I’ll also be doing the show at Sydney Comedy Festival in May, and Canberra Comedy Festival in March.

Tickets aren’t onsale yet but you can browse the festival website here. I’ll post the ticketing link once it is live.

You can feel free to stop reading here. The next 167 words or so are purely to keep the SEO gods happy. What an absolute pain in the ass it is. I really wanted to keep all of the posts on this site short, sweet, and informative, but because of the way SEO works I have to make sure posts are a certain length, just so they’ll register when people search for Perth Comedy Festival 2020 or something similar. I really wish I didn’t know this stuff.

Anyway, that’s about enough of banging on about Daniel Townes upcoming Perth Comedy Festival shows, so for more information click here.

Perth Comedy Festival 2020 Daniel Townes

Sydney Comedy Festival 2020

Sydney Comedy Festival is back for 2020. My shows are on from May 14th – 17th, 8:15 Thursday to Saturday and 7:15 start on the Sunday night. Before I go on, and to keep Google happy – Daniel Townes Sydney Comedy Festival Shows.

This is a brand new show that I’ve been working my ass off on. I’ll also be doing the show at Perth Comedy Festival in April and Canberra Comedy Festival in March.

You can get more information and links to official ticketing for Daniel Townes Sydney Comedy Festival 2020 shows here.

That is all of the pertinent information. What’s following is called filler so that the post is long enough. There’s an explanation on the Perth page about SEO and why posts need to be a certain length.

I wouldn’t make a good salesperson would I? Most people would use there 300 words to really sell their product but me, nah, I give the info as concise as possible so that you can make up your own mind. Then I fill up the remaining space with this.

Anyway, now that I seem to have made a little bit of progress on the Daniel Townes shows at Sydney Comedy Festival 2020 post I can sign off with a semi hard sell. Syd Com Fest information and ticketing links are here.

Sydney Comedy Festival 2020 Daniel Townes

Crash and Burn Release

Daniel Townes second comedy special – Crash & Burn is finally here. This is my second full-length comedy special recording and the extended version of my ABC Comedy Next Gen Episode from February 2018. There’s an extra 15 minutes of jokes that we had to cut so it was the right length for the broadcast. If you didn’t see it on TV then this is your chance to get around it properly and in it’s entirety. 

*Party poppers and fireworks explode.

This version was completely re-edited, coloured, and subtitled by me. I also took the photo for the artwork and designed it myself. I used the image I did because I got sick of looking at pictures of myself.

The live show was filmed at The Comedy Store in Sydney in October 2017.

It is available in full on my YouTube channel for free, and it is also for sale at the highest possible quality here.

The YouTube version is compressed as fuck coz that’s what they do, the version for sale is the highest quality that I could create and it’s yours forever.

As a special launch day deal, for the next 24 hours you can get Daniel Townes – Crash & Burn for the measly price of $5.00. Or you can get both of my full length recordings Previously and Crash & Burn as a combo for $8.00. After that you can still get them both for a total of $8.00.

There’s also audio only versions of both if that’s your thing.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide how you consume it.

Get Daniel Townes second comedy special Crash & Burn on YouTube here. The online shop version is here.

And you can check out my first full length show here.

Daniel Townes Crash and Burn

Jokers Comedy Club Hobart

I’m doing a show at Jokers Comedy Club in Hobart on September 18th. This is a one night only thing.

I’ll be doing a different show to the last time I was at the club so if you saw me last time it will be completely different. It’s a great room for comedy and if it’s anything like last time it will be an awesome night.

For more information and tickets for the Hobart comedy shows you can check out the Jokers Comedy Club website here.

In a perfect world the above sentence would have been the end of this post. Simple and to the point about the show I’ve got coming up in Hobart. Unfortunately, because of *oogle’s strangehold of the internet individual posts need to be around 300 words before they’ll show up in search results. I still need another 145 or so.

Later this month I’ve got some shows in Port Macquarie and Newcastle. I’ve also got some more shows in Brisbane coming up in October. I’ll post more on all of these once I have finalised all of the details.

In conclusion, you can get tickets for the Hobart comedy shows at the Jokers Comedy Club website here.

You can also check out some of the past shows I’ve done here.

Take that *oogle.

Jokers Comedy Club Hobart


Here's a monthly Comedy show I'm running in Newtown, excellent comedians, world class headliners. Free drink
with every ticket purchased,

Buddy's Comedy Poster

The second hour I recorded is available now.

Daniel Townes Crash and Burn

This one doesn't really have anything to do with stand-up but I'm going to stream some video games.
Casually like once a month, but done properly and as multi-player events that focus on fun and community.
I'm getting all of the socials/Discord and everything set up now, you can access them all via the linked
image below. I'm aiming to begin early Jan 2024 so I'll post an update when I know the exact date. If you like
Nintendo, come and play.

All of the artwork on these linked gaming channels were done by a very talented artist by the name of Oatmeal.

Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda looking extremely coo.

There's over 100 episodes of this available for your ears and minds. Now exclusively on Patreon.

Daniel Townes Podcast

This is the first hour I filmed back in 2011, live at the Comedy Store in Sydney

Previously Comedy Special Full Length Daniel Townes


Daniel Townes Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn

The second hour I recorded is available now

Daniel Townes Podcast

The Daniel Townes Podcast

There's over 100 episodes of this available for your ears and minds.


This is the first hour I filmed back in 2011, live at the Comedy Store in Sydney.

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