Stand Up Comedy Clips

Here are a bunch of stand up comedy clips from Australian TV spots, some random sketches, and other live stand-up comedy footage that has been recorded throughout my career. This is just a collection of a few favourites, if you’re after more Daniel Townes comedy clips there’s a whole bunch of sketch comedy and other stand up comedy footage over on my YouTube.

If you’re more of an audiophile you can check out The Daniel Townes Podcast and a bunch of others I’ve been a guest on here.

Stand Up Comedy Clips Daniel Townes

Comedy Up Late

A short stand-up comedy clip from ABC2’s Comedy Up Late. This was filmed during from Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2017. If you follow the YouTube links there’s a whole bunch of different footage from loads of comedians.

SCF Cracker Night

Another short bit of stand-up comedy footage from Sydney Comedy Festival’s Cracker Night at the Enmore Theatre in 2017.

Just For Laughs

This clip was filmed as part of the Just for Laughs Stand Up Series at the Sydney Opera House in 2016. 

Live at The Basement

This stand-up comedy clip comes to you from Live at The Basement in Sydney in 2014. This wasn’t a televised spot, just the people who ran the room had an awesome camera operate/editor.

Shit Comedians Say

Back when this was a meme I made a niche version about stand-up comedy. I also had short hair for some unknown reason.


Digging back into the archives here’s an old personal favourite from the first hour long stand-up comedy show I recorded. You can check out another short one here or grab all of the footage in glorious high definition right here.

And if you’re after more Daniel Townes stand-up comedy footage, or just Australian stand up comedy clips in general then head on over to YouTube.


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Crash and Burn

The second hour I recorded is available now

The Daniel Townes Podcast

There's over 100 episodes of this available for your ears and minds.


This is the first hour I filmed back in 2011, live at the Comedy Store in Sydney.

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