Here’s a few short clips from Daniel Townes – Crash & Burn, my latest full-length stand up comedy recording. All of the clips have burnt in captions too if that’s your thing.

I’ll add more clips to this post once I cut up some more short ones.

(Google SEO time) – that’s more short videos, footage, and Crash and Burn clips from Daniel Townes, the second full-length stand up comedy recording which was filmed live at the The Comedy Store in Sydney.

Just quickly, this SEO thing is fucking ridiculous. I want these posts short, and I have to hit a certain character limit just for them to get ranked.

Anyway, that’s enough apparently, so if you like the short clips I’m posting you can also watch all of Crash and Burn¬†here. Or if you like supporting the arts you can buy it in full HD here.

There’s also a combo available which includes my first recording, Previously.

If you’d rather watch this footage square, with a heading, and on your phone I’ve also been sharing them over on my Instagram and my Facebook page.

Anyway, back to the point and the short Crash and Burn clips, the first one is about kissing a smoker:

The next one is about stretcher earrings: