I’ve set up a Patreon for the Daniel Townes Podcast and my comedy.

If you don’t know what Patreon is, it is a personal support line for my stand-up comedy, The Daniel Townes Podcast, live show recordings, and other special events. I’m aiming for this to become the one-stop place for everything new and exciting that I’m working on and other things I’d like to do.

By supporting me, you will receive two monthly exclusive episodes of the show in audio and video formats. You will also receive the highest quality copies of my two full-length stand-up comedy specials: “Previously” and “Crash & Burn”.

You will be directly contributing to the production costs of the podcast and all other content that I plan to make for the page to help it grow. Because of this, I (will be) work(ing) for you, the people who like my comedy and are happy to support me while I create it.

Everything that comes from your support will be put back into my stand-up comedy and content creation, which will lead to even more cool stuff for the page as it grows.

One of my first goals is to buy an audio interface with more than two inputs. I plan to have the Patreon exclusive episodes as a big fun party type vibe. I have many more goals, but I’m also good at not getting ahead of myself.

I appreciate your support.

Let’s go.

Oh and if you want to check out some classics or the latest episodes of The Daniel Townes Podcast you can do that here.

Daniel Townes Podcast Patreon