Previously was the first full-length comedy special recorded by Daniel Townes (me) back in 2011. Just for fun there’s an old favourite joke in the clip below. I called it Previously because it was my way of moving on from the material like “hey previously on Daniel Townes, here are some jokes I used to do when I started.” It was recorded live at The Comedy Store. You can also grab all of the Daniel Townes Previously footage in full-length and glorious high definition right here.

If that’s not enough comedy for you there are short clips on the clips page here. My podcast is here.

July 2019 Update: If you’re interested in the upcoming release of my second comedy special Crash & Burn, it is coming very very soon. I’ve been saying that a lot but I had to learn a few new skills to get it finalised. All that’s left for me to do now is sign off on it, get it uploaded, and then there will be another full-length comedy special under my hat. In the meantime, you can get more information on the recording etc here.

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