Stream Roulette was a weekly podcast I was doing with Steph Broadbridge. Unfortunately due to scheduling and the amount of work involved with watching so many bloody TV shows we had to call it quits after a year.

You can still find all of the episodes over on my Patreon. As well as brand new episodes of The Daniel Townes Podcast.

Basically the idea was we’d let Netflix/Stan/Binge etc choose the show by pressing “play something” and then we report back on how we went with them, and try and stay on topic. The only rule is it can’t be a show that we have seen, or something that we actually want to watch. So far we are having a lot of fun. The initial episode covers Young Sheldon, Emily in Paris, and Swat. We will release a second episode this week, and then weekly on Tuesdays starting from 01.03.2

If you’re keen to check out any other podcasts I’ve done you can check them out here.

Also please stay tuned for some more developments on The Daniel Townes Podcast (it is getting resurrected).

Vale Stream Roulette.