Sydney Comedy Festival is back for 2020. My shows are on from May 14th – 17th, 8:15 Thursday to Saturday and 7:15 start on the Sunday night. Before I go on, and to keep Google happy – Daniel Townes Sydney Comedy Festival Shows.

This is a brand new show that I’ve been working my ass off on. I’ll also be doing the show at Perth Comedy Festival in April and Canberra Comedy Festival in March.

You can get more information and links to official ticketing for Daniel Townes Sydney Comedy Festival 2020 shows here.

That is all of the pertinent information. What’s following is called filler so that the post is long enough. There’s an explanation on the Perth page about SEO and why posts need to be a certain length.

I wouldn’t make a good salesperson would I? Most people would use there 300 words to really sell their product but me, nah, I give the info as concise as possible so that you can make up your own mind. Then I fill up the remaining space with this.

Anyway, now that I seem to have made a little bit of progress on the Daniel Townes shows at Sydney Comedy Festival 2020 post I can sign off with a semi hard sell. Syd Com Fest information and ticketing links are here.

Sydney Comedy Festival 2020 Daniel Townes