I recently recorded an episode of the super successful Tea with Alice Podcast with Alice Fraser. We sat down and drank tea and shot the shit for an hour. Grab the Tea with Alice Podcast Daniel Townes episode on iTunes here. There is also a very extensive back catalogue of episodes to listen to, and also a Patreon account for the loads of the extra unreleased content here.

The Tea with Alice Fraser Daniel Townes Podcast recording was a lot of fun. I honestly can’t remember 100% everything that we discussed by I do remember leaving having had a good laugh. And I was a lot smarter than when I went in there.

Her personal website and entire catalogue of work is here at Alice Fraser Comedy dot com.

For other comedy podcasts I’ve recorded or been a guest on you can check out the podcasts page.

In semi-related news the new podcast I’ve been working on is coming along quite nicely. Without getting ahead of myself I am still in the planning/pre-production stages as I’m going to make sure that this one is different to anything that I’ve ever done before, and hopefully something that hasn’t been seen in an Australian Comedy Podcast since Dave Jory and myself put out K Cast back in the day.

Tea With Alice Podcast