Woo hoo, Daniel Townes was recently a guest on the excellent The Mugg Off Podcast. It’s hosted by 3 Aussie comedy legends.

There’s been a long running joke with me and the fellas because I was always going to get them on my podcast and then it went on hiatus. Now I finally got to be on theres. Next time they will be on mine.

This Mugg Off Podcast episode was a lot of fun to record. Them letting me vent like this for an hour about some consumer battles I’ve had over the years led to the next guest on my own podcast. It wouldn’t have happened without this episode. Or I doubt it would have. I sent this episode as a short bio showcasing my expertise in a particular area and thankfully the response was positive.

You can listen to my episode of The Mugg Off Podcast: here.

Thanks to the fellas for letting Daniel Townes vent on your Mugg Off Podcast. I tried to bring some of my best.

I’ll also chuck it up on podcasts page so it doesn’t disappear from the latest news forever.

As mentioned I’ve got another episode of my own coming shortly, and another one I recorded during COVID with Andy Dowling. I won’t lie, outside of jotting down ideas and writing I haven’t really done much since live gigs stopped and I’ve kinda enjoyed recharging my batteries.

The Mugg Off Podcast