I’m coming back to Canberra Comedy Festival for 2020. I’m doing one show on March 19th at 7pm. For google’s sake, that’s Daniel Townes Canberra Comedy Festival shows 2020. CCF Daniel Townes 2020.

The show is brand new and it’s called Little Ray of Sunshine. I’m very happy with how it has come along. I’ll also be doing the show at Perth Comedy Festival in April and Sydney Comedy Festival in May.

You can get more information and links to official ticketing sites for Canberra Comedy Festival here.

That is the end of the important information regarding the show, what follows is to hit the character count required for this web pages to register properly. SEO i’s a long and boring subject, and seeing as this is meant to be about Daniel Townes Canberra Comedy shows I’ll wrap it up soon. I think I’ve got about 50 or words left. Comedy.

I know I wouldn’t make much of a salesperson. Most people would use their 300 words to really sell their product but me, nah, I give the info as concise as possible so you can make up your mind quickly. Then I fill up the remaining space with dribble. Blame Google and SEO for that. (Daniel Townes CCF 2020)

Anyway, Daniel Townes Canberra Comedy Festival 2020 show is on in March and there is more info here.

Canberra Comedy Festival 2020 Daniel Townes