Jo Cooper was recently a guest on The Daniel Townes Podcast to discuss her recent five year legal battle regarding her pooch and best friend Angus. And for challenging NSW strata laws regarding pets and ending all the way at the Supreme Court.

It was a very passionate episode. Outside of her legal battles we also covered racism, sexism, classism, and the abuse that she received for going about something the right way, and having to spend 5 years of her life pursuing the right result.

Re pets and Strata you can have your say here. It’s super easy. Do it for Jo Cooper and Angus, and every other pet owner in NSW.

If you’d like more info on Jo and her story well you can pretty much google Jo Cooper Angus and you’ll find what it’s about. Otherwise here’s some links.

The Guardian

I’ll also put this on the podcasts page so it doesn’t get lost in the wind. The Jo Cooper Episode of the Daniel Townes podcast is number 108.

As mentioned previously it was this episode of The Mugg Off Podcast that led to this happening so thanks again fellas.

Please enjoy this extremely passionate episode / conversation between Jo and I.

And have a great new year.

Jo Cooper Daniel Townes Podcast