My 2020 Comedy Festival shows have been cancelled due to Corona. That’s Sydney, Canberra, and Perth. Community health is way more important than comedy.

All ticket holders will be contacted about refunds. I’ll do the show at a later date when things are back to normal.

In the meantime if you’re looking for some comedy you can watch both of the full length shows I’ve recorded over at YouTube

They’re also both for sale at a much higher quality here.

For the people who aren’t coping with isolation here’s a few tips to help your sanity. Pick the path that suits you:

Eat healthy
Stimulate your brain – puzzles, strategy games, reading
Get a dog


Turn your brain off – weed, booze, benzos, a shotgun to the face.

Obviously don’t blow your face off with a shotgun. Stay safe and healthy and I’ll see you on the other side of this madness.

2020 Festival Shows Cancelled