Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival 2019 kicks off at the end of August. I’m doing another split bill show with Sydney comics Alex Jae and Luke Heggie.

The dates are the 4th – 8th of September and it’s at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville. The show is called Is it?

Tickets are cheap coz we are trialling brand new jokes. Most of them will shine. Some of them will bomb. A few will make us wonder what the hell we were thinking to classify such a half-baked idea as finished comedy.

Overall It’s a fun week and most definitely my favourite time of year on the Sydney Comedy calendar.

This is the 5th year in a row I’ve done the show with Heggie and the 3rd with Alex. As you can see from last years pic we had a ball. (Luckily we could use the pic for the online registration stuff and posters for this year).

These shows are great nights of having a laugh and the three of us trying extremely experimental/brand new comedy. You can get more information/tickets for our Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival 2019 shows here.

It’s going to be great.

Is it?

For regional shows outside of Sydney, I’ve got a bunch coming up with the Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase Tour.

Or if you’re too cool to leave the house for comedy you can check out the episode of the Tea With Alice podcast I was a guest on here.

(And here’s a stupid pic I photoshopped quickly last year to plug our 2018 show online)

Sydney Fringe Comedy 2019