Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival is back. This year I’m doing another split show with fellow comedians Alex Jae and Luke Heggie. It’s all-new material and we are going to torch that venue. If you’re coming wear appropriate clothing and bring a fire extinguisher. More info on the Daniel Townes Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival shows is available here

And here were are chilling after last years Fringe Comedy run, right here.

Update July 2019: Daniel Townes Sydney Fringe Comedy shows for 2019 are on sale now. I’m doing another triple hander with two of my favourite stand up comedians Alex Jae and Luke Heggie.

These shows are always some of my favourite gigs of the year in Australian comedy. They’re experimental, new, and the risk of us falling flat on our face is pretty damn high. Potentially falling on my face in a room full of people is one of the reasons I got in to comedy in the first place.

Once again they’re at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville. We’re doing 6 shows. Tickets are cheap. The success rate of the new material has always been very high.

There’s more information on Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival 2019 information right here.

Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival 2018 Daniel Townes