I’m doing a week of comedy shows on the Gold Coast from the 28th of July through to the 3rd of August 2019. There’s a whole range of different venues, including the one in the image below. You can grab more information on all of the live Gold Coast stand up comedy shows here.

Semi unrelated side note: Did you know that for search engine optimisation you need to have a minimum number of words in the post for something to even register with search engines? This chunk of information here is just to get the post to the recommended length of at least 300 words. You also have to make sure the words are mentioned enough times relevant to the length of text. This is pretty difficult when you only want to do short posts with information about upcoming live comedy shows. Do you know how hard it is to get the phrase Gold Coast Stand Up Comedy or Live Comedy on the Gold Coast in a post at least twice and not have it sound forced? It definitely ain’t easy.

On another unrelated side note: Sydney Fringe Festival is kicking off in a little over a month. I’ll have an update for that soon. Our shows are on from the 4th – 8th of September and we are doing another one of these and these.

I’ll also be back in Brisbane in October for another run of these shows

And then there’s Wagga Wagga shows here.

All of the Gold Coast information is here.

Comedy Gold Coast