I’ve got some live Brisbane comedy shows coming up at the Sit Down Comedy Club and a bunch of other places in January. More information on all of the Brisbane comedy gigs is available here or by clicking the image below.

Other gigs around the country will be added to the shows page and/or the events tab over Facebook. There’s more information about my Canberra Comedy Festival shows here. My Sydney Comedy Festival show and Perth Comedy Festival shows are in May. I’m also at The Comedy Store in Sydney in April.

If you’d like to know if I’ve got anything coming up in your area or you’d like to book me for something you can hit me up here. 

And if you’re from QLD hopefully I’ll see you at The Sit Down Comedy Club.

Happy New Year and 2019 Mo Fo’s.

Update July 2019: I’ve got some more Brisbane comedy shows coming up in October. I’ll post all of the information once it is available. If you’re currently on the Gold Coast, or from Hobart or Regional NSW there is information about some upcoming shows I’m doing here

I hope your New Year and 2019 has been good so far.

Brisbane Shows